Envision your own office space, proteceted from rent hikes and inflation, enhanced by potential capital appreciation and benefiting from high-end management and control. Image the opportunity to safeguard against and benefit from Manhattan's historically escalating rental rates.

70 West 36th Street makes this idea a reality with a 16-story office tower located just south of Times Square, in an established business district with a bright and predictable future. 

Located just steps from the bustling Herald Square retail district and within walking distance to Grand Central Station, Penn Station and the Port Authority, 70 West 36th Street offers business owners and real estate investors alike the countless benefits of office ownership - including protection from rising rental rates, potential long-term appreciation in value and more control. 

5B 5,688 rsf $5,719,350.00 Sponsor willing to divide to create 3,000 RSF
5B1 3,000 rsf $3,150,000.00 Delivered Raw

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